Missionaries Are Normal People


I had the perfect picture of the missionary painted in my head. Growing up in in church, I saw their slide shows, listened to their stories as they told me of their great adventures, showed me their cool cultural artifacts..

It is easy to put missionaries in a higher classification as a follower of Christ. We can forget that they are ordinary everyday people just like you and I. It's not an easy life, but it's a joyful life. And yes it is a life for normal people.

The quickest way to learn about real missionaries is to join them in their local mission. When you step out of your little world and experience God on the mission field you will quickly realize that there are no heroes among them, they are ordinary people, but they are doing extraordinary things by God's Spirit. 

Just like any other normal person they need your prayers and words of encouragement to help empower and encourage them as they labor in the mission field.

Will you commit to pray for and send regular words of encouragement to a normal missionary?