Making Disciples. Launching Leaders. Transforming Communities.


Life in the jungle is difficult and the needs are great that is why AmazonVida has been an advocate for the people of the Amazon for over 60 years. We have stood with them in opposition to the physical and spiritual adversity that is a normal part of jungle life.

AmazonVida is always excited to host your short term trip providing the logistics needed to accomplish the mission but our work doesn’t end after the team is gone.

Our local leaders continue the work with discipleship, identifying potential indigenous leaders, training them in our seminaries, and launching them into the mission field to transform more villages with the Gospel.

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You Can Help


Support A Student

Long term discipleship and church planting begins with training. Seminary cost include the cost of books, transportation, food and housing.

$200 per student

$16.67 Per Month

boat fuel

Propel A Pastor

One of our greatest ongoing cost is to purchase fuel for our boats. Your gift will help send our pastors to the villages to lead in Bible studies.

$3000 per year

$250.00 Per Month


Drill A Well

Lives are changed physically when they have access to clean water. This change usually leads to a conversation about the “Living Water.”

$3000 per well

$250.00 Per Month


Advocate With Us

Partner with us and play a vital role in creating change that will transform individuals as well as entire communities by meeting physical and spiritual needs in the villages.


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