Excellence In Missions - Mutual Design

gospel missions

A lot of churches probably don't spend a whole lot of time planning out their mission trips and just throw things together and hope for the best. This can bring results that were never intended and sometimes the results are harmful to the long term missionary and to the people in the village that you are trying to help.

It can be tempting to look at a mission trip as a one time project or as a tourist instead of seeing the potential long term relationship. There are many mission agencies that sponsor one-time projects without followup that look like you may be helping but you go home wondering if you did. These isolated projects are not as effective and you miss out on the relationships that are built when you invest in the same people.

What seems to be right needs to be proven for real effectiveness. With the help of our partners we design each trip with a work and a purpose that fits the team as well as the intended recipients. This design is beneficial to all of the participants from the team members to the people that the team works with and for the people of the village.

Our Brazilian leaders that work in the Amazon jungle long after the team is gone benefit the most when the methods and activities are in alignment with our long term vision and strategies. Your mission trip can be the easiest way to open up a village that is resistant to our work and then our pastors and missionaries can help create lasting change long after you are gone.