Prayers For The Parintins Folk Festival

The annual festival that celebrates a local legend about a resurrected ox will be back again this weekend. The rivalry between the Capricious Ox and the Guaranteed Ox pits neighbor against neighbor as the two teams vie for the Parintins Folk Festival title with a Carnival like show.

The city of Parintins will have twice as many people in it this weekend. Satan is bringing the crowds here for his purposes but we can interfere with his plan and use it to bring glory to God.

AmazonVida and First Baptist Church of Parintins knows that this is a great opportunity to hit the streets to present the gospel to a lot of people.

We are prayed up, our drama and dance teams are prepared and we have hundreds of gospel presentation bracelets to share with the crowds. 

We know that Satan will not let us work without resistance from him so please start praying now for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday!