We Value Our Ministry Partners

It takes a lot of resources to make a trip from the United States to Brazil and then into the jungle. Once the mission team gets to Brazil they will need a lot of things that you cannot pack in your suitcase and check in with your baggage.

Things like equipment, translators and a comfortable place to sleep at night are very important and if you are the team leader you don't want to worry about getting all of these things right. If you mess it up then a whole lot of people will be less than happy about their trip. That's where AmazonVida comes in.

We have a close relationship with First Baptist Church of Parintins and some of our AmazonVida leaders are from there. They help us recruit local translators and pastors to help on your trip. 

Most teams from the United States will arrive and depart from the international airport in Manaus. From there you can catch another flight to get to Parintins or you may be traveling into the jungle on a riverboat.

We partner with Amazon Outreach and Amazon Hope for riverboat transportation services, a great place to sleep and eat as well as some great ministry opportunities that each of them have available when you use their boat.

If you will be using AmazonVida as your transportation and accommodations provider then we will speed boat your team into your area of ministry each day and provide you with a clean room each night at the Amazon River Resort Hotel.

We are thankful for all of our partners and we value the resources that we can all share to help spread the good news throughout the Amazon. As partners we can put our lights together and make a brighter light that will shine further into the dark jungle than we could do without each others help.