A New Work In Tabatinga


Please pray with us...

By God's grace, AmazonVida has been able to serve the villages surrounding Parintins for over 60 years. He has empowered us to make disciples, develop leaders, plant churches, and restore communities through our leadership training, clean water initiatives, medical and dental outreach, and short term mission trips. During this new season for AmazonVida, we believe that God is challenging us to begin extending our work into other parts of the Amazon Region.

That brings us to Tabatinga, Brasil. Tabatinga is a very unique place which sits on a "triple border." The countries of Brasil, Columbia, and Peru all meet at this city of about 50,000 people. Hundreds of villages are within a short boat ride from the city while many of the Amazon's uncontacted tribes surround Tabatinga.  

Clauber and Deonora (pictured above) have been missionaries in Tabatinga for 15 years. They reached out to us through some mutual friends and expressed the desire to partner with a ministry that can help guide and support their mission work. Without having ever talked to us or read our mission statement, they told Elmer that they want to make disciples and develop leaders, which matches perfectly with our mission statement.

They have much of their financial support raised. But they need some help building their infrastructure, missions strategy, leadership training curriculum, and resources to restore the communities they want to work in. All of these are things that God has equipped us with over the years.

Elmer Lessa has almost 2 decades of experience doing these things in Parintins. We could not be more thrilled about this opportunity to replicate our work in another area of the river. Elmer has often spoken of his vision for the Amazon like a skipping stone: we want our impact to "skip" up and down the river, creating ripples of hope and restoration that will last for generations to come. Tabatinga might be that next "skip" of the AmazonVida stone.

  • Please pray that God would give us wisdom on when and how he wants us to work in new areas of the Amazon, specifically Tabatinga.
  • Please pray that we can find new financial partners that can help us boost the work that Clauber and Deonora are already doing. Specifically, they need a boat to start surveying more of their area and building new relationships. Currently, they are scraping to borrow a boat every time they try to visit other villages. They will also need some more funds to boost their leadership training program.
  • Please pray that God would use AmazonVida to bless and encourage thousands of people near Tabatinga.

If you would like to help financially empower our work in Tabatinga, then you can do that by clicking here.

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