Making Disciples. Launching Leaders. Transforming Communities.


Life in the jungle is difficult and the needs are great that is why AmazonVida has been an advocate for the people of the Amazon for over 60 years. We have stood with them in opposition to the physical and spiritual adversity that is a normal part of jungle living.

With your financial support and your willingness to come serve on short term missions we are making a difference in the lives of the people that we serve.

AmazonVida is always excited to host your short term trip providing the logistics needed to accomplish the mission but our work doesn’t end after the team is gone.

Our local leaders continue the work with discipleship, identifying potential indigenous leaders, training them in our seminaries, and launching them into the mission field to transform more villages with the Gospel.



We exist to make disciples and develop leaders, launching them to plant churches and restore communities in the Amazon and throughout the world.

The Amazon River is virtually unrivaled in beauty, size, biodiversity, and adventure! If stretched out, the river could reach from New York City to Rome. President Theodore Roosevelt led one of the most famous Amazon adventures in 1913, and told of its magnificent splendor, its mystery, and its danger.

We want to help you and your organization participate in world missions in the Amazon region. The challenges are so great because of the many physical and spiritual difficulties. There are over 40,000 communities known to exist in the region that have never been reached with the gospel.

Although the darkness is great there is a greater source of hope for these unreached people through the restorative work of Jesus Christ! 

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Received Medical and Dental Help



Current Seminary Enrollment

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Attending Church Services

Bible study


Villages That Have Bible Studies

Leadership Training

At the core of AV’s identity is a commitment to empower and launch Brazilian leaders for missions work. That is why our Leadership Institute is at the forefront of our mission.

Students from Amazonian tribes, villages, and cities come to AmazonVida to receive theological, vocational, and community development training. These men and women meet regularly to disciple people in numerous villages, lead local churches, and train the villagers to extend God’s Kingdom in their community as well as surrounding communities.

Short Term Mission Teams

We send out mission teams of all sizes from our partners in Brazil and the United States for short term trips. These teams provide a variety of things like medical and dental work, clean water solutions, community education, evangelism and teaching, and Vacation Bible School.

Check out our Short Term Trips page to learn more about our short term trip philosophy and to see available trip dates. You can apply to join a team or contact us to lead a new team from your church or missions organization.



There is water almost everywhere in the Amazon but sadly the river water is also a source of major health problems for the people that depend on it.

The river contains dangerous levels of bacteria, parasites, viruses, and pollution. Having safe water removes the single heaviest burden from the lives of the poorest people.

The wells and filters that we install gives the people the clean water that they desperately need and it gives us the opportunity to introduce them to the source of "Living Water."

Medical and Dental

The local government is responsible for providing medical care but their lack of resources as well as corruption in the system leave thousands without the care that they need. 

The vast majority of people that we serve lack access to basic medical or dental care. Their remote location can make a simple medical problem become a major emergency. 

That's why we mobilize doctors and dentist to work in places deep within the jungle to provide much needed medical attention.


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Advocate With Us

Partner with us and play a vital role in creating change in the Amazon. Together we can meet physical and spiritual needs in the villages.


Looking For Year End Giving Opportunities?

We have some ideas for #GivingTuesday or for giving any time during this season of generosity and giving back.

Your gifts will make an impact on thousands of lives that will have access to physical and spiritual care that they desperately need.

Your gift is multiplied as we train leaders in our seminary to increase the number of leaders that are working to reach the unreached people groups in the Amazon jungle.


Support A Student

Long term discipleship and church planting begins with training. Seminary cost include the cost of books, transportation, food and housing.

$200 per student

$16.67 Per Month

boat fuel

Propel A Pastor

One of our greatest ongoing cost is to purchase fuel for our boats. Your gift will help send our pastors to the villages to lead in Bible studies.

$3000 Per Month

$250.00 Per Month


Drill A Well

Lives are changed physically when they have access to clean water. This change usually leads to a conversation about the “Living Water.”

$3000 Per Well

$250.00 Per Month


Church Construction

Our desire is to support the local congregation while also encouraging them to invest personally in finishing their new church home.

$16,000 per church

10 People Giving $134 Per Month

outpost leader

Adopt An Outpost

Our three strategically placed outpost serve a community of villages with medical and spiritual care that isn’t available anywhere else.

$23,000 Per Outpost

10 People Giving $192 Per month

new boat

Speed Boat

You can help our pastors and leaders spend less time traveling and more time serving their people by giving them better transportation.

$25,000 per boat

10 People Giving $209 Per Month

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Matching Funds

Increase the impact of your year end giving.


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Shop at and Amazon donates to Amazonvida.


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