Table Sponsor Information

Thank you for supporting AmazonVida as a table sponsor for the Second Annual Banquet. We want to make this commitment easy for you, so we have compiled some helpful information below. We hope your role as table sponsor is both fun and rewarding and that you and your guests learn something new about us! We are thrilled to have your support!

You are giving your family, friends, neighbors and work colleagues the opportunity to support AmazonVida's mission. By bringing new people to the banquet you are expanding our community of supporters essential to the growth and stability of AmazonVida's mission. 

The banquet is free to you and your guests. Although everyone will be asked to consider a contribution, there is no minimum and no maximum gift level. It will be our job to inspire your guests to give.

Important Dates

June 14, 2018 Electronic Save-the-Date Sent by AmazonVida
June 27, 2018 Registration Opens
July 10, 2018 First Digital Invitation Sent by AmazonVida
July 31, 2018 Printed Invitations Mailed by AmazonVida
August 21, 2018 Finalize Your Table Attendees
September 1, 2018 Final Guest List Registered with AmazonVida
September 13, 2018 Second Annual Banquet


Use our videos and pics to help cultivate interest in AmazonVida.

AmazonVida Video Channel

AmazonVida Photo Gallery

Sample Invite Email

Printable Flyers (Coming Soon)

Pre-Event Checklist 


• Create your guest list, ideally targeting 15-20 people

• Send a “save-the-date” email (download an editable save-the-date email from here)


• Check in with those you have not heard from

• Extend a formal invitation (download a digital invitation from here after July 10)

• For those who cannot attend, send them a link to AmazonVida event donation page

• Register your table


• Check in with guests

• Verify dietary requests were made at registration (options: dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian). The meal will be completely peanut and nut-free.

• Submit any missing contact information for your guests.


• Your final guest list should be submitted so seating arrangements can be made.


• All guests receive an event reminder and table assignment from AmazonVida

• Contact your guests a few days prior to the event and encourage an 11:00 am arrival

• Remind guests there will be an opportunity to give during the program. Remind your guests that they can make their annual tax credit donation at this event.

• If applicable, ask them to bring their company’s matching gift form

• Consider ways to personalize your table at the event: small tokens of appreciation and/or thank you cards set at each guests’ place before they arrive are a special way to show your gratitude for their support.


• Arrive at 10:00 am to join the VIP reception

• Greet your guests: guests will begin to arrive at 11:00 am and we want them to feel welcome

• Encourage guests to review the program and begin enjoying their meal. Centerpieces are for sale – collect the separate donation envelope with packet. Should your centerpiece not sell, please enjoy it as our thank you.

• At the end of the program, guests will be asked to support AmazonVida. Please collect all pledge cards in the Table Sponsor Envelope, and drop the envelope in the baskets at the ballroom exit. POST EVENT

• Please thank your guests for their generous support of AmazonVida's mission and let them know we will follow up to express our gratitude

• Introduce guests who are interested in learning more to AmazonVida staff and board members.