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Short-term mission trips are an important part of our larger ministry strategy but coming and evangelizing, while necessary, are not the end goal of our work.

Our strategy is different because our long-term goals of discipleship and launching well trained seminary leaders helps to transform individuals and communities.

We would love to watch you be transformed as well. Join one of our scheduled mission trips or contact us to have your group plan a mission trip of their own.


Mission Trips With A Purpose

Our mission statement makes the difference.



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Our primary goal is to make disciples deeply rooted in the Gospel. We believe that ministry effectiveness is the number one priority for all that we do.


We believe that stronger disciples are made when our team breaks down into small discipleship groups. These small groups focus on building personal relationships with the people we are serving while helping new believers take the first few steps of the discipleship process.


This allows us to teach new Christians how to study the Scriptures for themselves, share their faith with their friends and family, and fellowship with other new believers. The responsibility for long-term discipleship and church planting is then passed on to our local leaders.


Regardless of your experience level, we hope that you’re willing to learn and grow along with us, so that we are prepared to be as effective as possible. This allows the trip’s focus to be on the long-term impact for God’s kingdom. 


Your trip cost goes directly to the operating costs of the trip and follow up expenses for the Brazilian staff. We believe that this allows the trip participant the opportunity to focus more on trip preparation because the lower cost requires less fundraising.

2019 Scheduled Trips

prestonwood christian academy

Trip With Amazon Outreach
Dates: March 9 - 17
Learn more at Amazon Outreach

fayetteville, arkansas Trip

Trip With Amazon Outreach
Dates: May 20 - 29
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bent tree bible fellowship

Trip With Amazon Outreach
Dates: June 21 - 30
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dallas young adults

Trip With Amazon Outreach
Dates: July 3 - 12
Learn more at Amazon Outreach

idlewild Baptist Church

Trip With Amazon Hope
Dates: July 12 - 31
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bent tree bible fellowship

Trip With Amazon Outreach
Dates: July 20 - 28
Learn more at Bent Tree's Missions page.

first baptist church, dallas

Trip With AmazonVida
Dates: July 29 - August 7
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dallas young adults

Trip With Amazon Outreach
Dates: November 22 - December 1
Learn more at Amazon Outreach

Brazilian Trips To The Amazon

Assembleia de Deus em Itaipú

Dates: May 03 - 10

Seminário Teológico Batista do Litoral

Dates: July 12 - 20

Igreja Batista Jardim Icaraí

Dates: July 20 - 27

AV Trip Application


Thank you for your interest in serving God with us! We ask that you carefully read and fill out this application. All information on this application will be kept private.

An Important Note:

The ministry that we have been entrusted with by God is, obviously, very important to us. Short-term mission trips are a small, but important, part of our larger ministry strategy in the Amazon. As a result of looking at Scripture, following the guidance of our Brazilian leadership, and studying other mission strategies, we've designed our short-term trips to be maximally effective in the establishment of long-term disciples who will multiply themselves long after we leave.

Our short-term mission trip method is dependent on at least two things:

  1. We need trip participants who take their Christian life very seriously. We hope that you desire to grow in your faith prior to our mission trip. We all need this, right? If you don’t intend on proactively pursuing spiritual growth prior to the trip, then you may want to wait for another trip with us down the road. None of us are perfect Christians, but we do have standards for the people we are willing to introduce to lost people in the Amazon. If you realize that you need to grow a lot before the mission trip, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply! It just means that we all need to start this process with the intention to proactively grow in our intimacy with God. An important thing to understand is that these trips are designed for effective ministry to the Amazonian people. It is not intended to be a ministry retreat that prioritizes its impact on the American team. Almost all of our local church activities are geared towards our spiritual formation. We believe that a mission trip is an opportunity to prioritize the spiritual formation of those we are ministering to, instead of our own experience.

  2. We need trip participants who are sharp tools in the hands of God. In other words, we believe that we are all more effective in ministry when we proactively grow our knowledge of Scripture, cross-cultural communication, and discipleship/ministry methodology. Thus our pre-trip training will include required meetings and required reading. Regardless of your experience level, we hope that you’re willing to learn and grow along with us, so that we are prepared to be as effective as possible. Here is one way to think about this: The Navy didn’t send SEAL Team 6 to raid Bin-Laden’s compound so they could have a training experience. Rather, they trained intensively in order to effectively execute their mission. Similarly, we want our teams to prepare well, both in their spiritual lives and ministry skills. This allows the trip’s focus to be on the long-term impact in the Amazon for God’s kingdom. We hope that you join us in our effort to be used by God for this exciting purpose!

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This person should be a Christian spiritual leader who knows you well. Some example might be your bible study/small group leader, personal discipleship leader, or an employed minister at your local church. We will ask her/him to speak about your involvement in the church and your preparedness for international ministry. An important note: we do not require that everyone be a mature missions expert to sign up for a trip. However, it is important for us to have accurate information about your Christian life so that we can best walk with you before we depart. Please don’t be intimidated by this. None of us are perfect! We simply want to help each other be effective ministers of the Gospel.
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