Core Values

Mission Minded

  • We are determined and uncompromising in our commitment to reaching the lost, our mission work includes long term discipleship and planting churches.
  • We believe in “seeking first the Kingdom of God” through prayer, faith, loving God, and loving others.

Strategically Focused

  • We believe in holistic transformation of communities in the spiritual, physical, and economic realms using sustainable models.
  • We believe in focusing entirely on launching leaders to biblically reach the least and the unreached.

Leader Mobilization

  • We are all about discovering, developing, and launching nationals to do mission work that are equipped to serve the Amazon, greater Brazil and the world.
  • We believe in missions work that mobilizes reproducible servants that are adept in Bible, business, and leadership skills to maximize Kingdom impact.

Resilient Faith

  • We believe whole-heartedly that God wants to be praised in every nation and that the gates of Hell cannot stop what He has spoken.
  • We believe in taking Spiritual risks for the Kingdom because our God is with us and we “do not account our lives of any value nor as precious to ourselves.” (Acts 20:24)